This was a heroic mass struggle. The people’s revolution turned successful in Turkey on July 15. Democracy has been saved. Despotic forces have been crushed. Turkey could not plunge into total chaos. It is also Turkish prosperity that refused to surrender to the military for the fifth time. This is the real “Islamic Spring” – a model for other Islamic countries in the bloc to follow.

The failed Turkish coup d’état wrote new lessons of how feeble democracies could maintain their control over strong armed forces and live under civil control. Pakistan could learn a great deal of lessons from the failed military takeover in Turkey.

Civilian constitutional control over the armed forces should be strengthened the way it was strengthened in Japan and India and now also in Turkey. Pakistan did not learn from Japan and again from India for obvious reasons. Time has come that Pakistan should learn at least from Turkey.

The experience in Egypt was a failed one too. With American support, the Morsi government was taken over by the military. The Government faced serious prosecutions. Egyptian experience dispirited democracy. The people’s support in Turkey and their firm resolve against the military saved democracy.

Turkey had remained under long-military rule for four times in its history. The military dictatorship was imposed in 1960, 1971, 1980, and 1997. The Sharif Government often faces turmoil as opposition leaders often gave sermons for military takeover.

Like Turkey, Pakistan also experienced four military dictatorships that also failed to bring about a transparent and good government and meritocracy. In Pakistan’s case, military is not “habitual” to live by the Constitution – the basic document to run the State. The 1956 Constitution was abrogated. So was the 1973 Constitution that was suspended twice by the military generals. In 1962, military framed its own Constitution, which did not reflect people’s aspirations.

It has only been eight years since the Constitution has been functioning but has been repeatedly threatened by opposition and now by the so-called Move On Pakistan party, that put up country-wide posters to invite the army to overthrow and takeover the elected government.

If the army is fighting against terrorism in Fata and criminal mafia in Karachi, it does not mean that they overthrow the elected Parliament and Government to clean up the mess. Turkish military is also fighting against terrorism. Military is supposed to help the civil government but “guards cannot become owners”. It is as simple.

A democratic government has come into place after heavy sacrifices and political processes. This must be respected. The struggle of the All-India Muslim League was spanned over 41 years. This was a political process, which was even not hindered by colonial masters. The brown rulers also respect this process and do not conspire to damage this process as this would only bring about the so-called Arab Spring type of chaos and anarchy and plunge the whole country into Afghan type of unending crises.

The Turkish failed military attempt is a good lesson for opposition leaders in Pakistan who want to grab the power through Dharnas and rallies in the name of Panama, mega corruption, or whatever points they have in their minds. They need to firmly stand by democratic credentials and do not try to overthrow the elected Government using the undemocratic means. Democracy has a proper procedure to change a government. Personal emotions cannot work. Military dictatorship is the worst form of governance.

The Turkish failed coup d’état has offered great lessons for the superior judiciary as after the success of the so-called coup d’état itseeks/begs for judicial support to become legitimised. Pakistani judiciary is well known for its “nazaria zaroorat”. Elected leaders Adnan Ertikin Menderes and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto lost their lives to military dictatorships. Bhutto tried to save the life of Menderes and Turkey tried to save the life of Bhutto but all in vain. This was too much a military dictator could do to end the life an elected leader.

The dismissal of over 2745 judges in Turkey indicated the burial of nazria zaroorat. Most of these judges were in contact with the exiled religious leader Fethullah Gulen in Pennsylvania. Many coup leaders are pro-Gulen. His role is not out of context. Both Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım implicated Gulen in this failed coup d’état. Turkey demanded his extradition.

The violence killed 290 people and injured 1400. Over 6000 people have been detained including 100 generals. Some of them flew to Greece. American and European media negatively attempted on Erdoğan’s policies. One can see stories of The New York Times and the Guardian.

In all military coup d’étatsin Pakistan there was a direct American connection. We must understand that there is neither Tehreer square in Islamabad nor is the story of Istanbul as some are ambitious to have it. They are saddened by events in Istanbul.

They should at least grow up to learn that who will rule Islamabad, who in all four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir, will not be decided by canon but ballot. I hope the events of Istanbul will not be repeated in D-Chowk in Islamabad against the wishes of foreign-retuned/foreign-trained/GHQ-trained politicians as some politicians are staging the rallies again. It is high time to consolidate democracy in Pakistan. The society should work and gear up.

America should refrain in installing the fifth military dictatorship in Turkey or Pakistan to handle the ISIS etc project. Mercenary politics should come to an end in Pakistan. We lost over 50,000 livesat least and incurred a loss of over US$110 billion or even more.

A country with a nuclear arsenal was made politically and economically unstable. Enough is enough. Let’s not repeat the siren of American fears. Let America face the consequences for its own foreign policy implications. We are tired of supporting as we have no say over American foreign policy behavior since the 1950s.

Those political figures who invite army in politics should be taken to the task. So are bureaucrats, intellectuals, think tank leaders, columnists, journalists, and businessmen etc. People are irresponsible and undemocratic for posting such comments on Social Media. They are polluting the minds of people against democracy.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was the first leader who condemned military coup d’état and showed solidarity with the Turkish people. Turkish people have given a new boost to people in the Islamic world to up hold the credentials of democracy and not to bend to the so-called undemocratic strong military dictators. No matter how corrupt is democracy, it is the final resort. We have to live with democracy.