Three people in Karachi were remanded by a judicial magistrate in police custody on Tuesday for involvement in a kidnapping case. A suspected drug addict, a businessman and a suspected broker were entered into a three day investigation upon appearing to have negotiated the selling and purchase of a child.

The five month old boy was to be sold and bought under a written deal, and the payment was to be made in installments.

Upon orders of the Judicial Magistrate JM-IX of District East, the police were to file a progress sheet concerning the case and present the accused, Safdar, the person suspected of selling the child, Faheem, the person suspected of buying the child, and Aqeel, who appears to have been a mediator before the court on August 3.  

Police investigation relates that Safdar who is accused to involvement in drugs, was intending to sell his nephew to Faheem, a cloth merchant, and Aqeel was serving as the middle man in return for some monetary compensation. The total amount to be paid was Rs. 200,000 and 25,000 were paid at the beginning.

The infant was missing since July 29. His father, Saqib, had lodged a complaint with the local police station reporting that his brother had taken away his son, along with some other children away from the house in pretext of buying sweets from a shop in Lines Area neighborhood. The rest of the children returned home unharmed but the infant had not been brought back by his uncle, Safdar.

Saqib’s reported also related that his brother had a reputation of being involved in drugs, and was known to have committed criminal acts in order to have funds for purchasing drugs. He accused Safdar of having kidnapped the infant in order to sell him for money.

The police managed to find the whereabouts of Safdar, and investigated himto find out where the infant was being kept, in a house in Gulistan-e-Johar. They managed to locate the child, arresting the cloth merchant, Faheem, along with the middle man, Aqeel.

According to the statement made by SHO Nasrullah Kham of Brigade police station, Faheem, had feigned innocence when he was arrested. He said that he had adopted the child legally, and Aqeel was a facilitator in the process of adoption, and hence, took a commission for it. Khan added that Faheem had showed them a make shift affidavit that stated that Faheed was adopting the child from Safdar under no coercion and was receiving monetary compensation for it. However, the SHO added, his criminal involvement in the situation was obvious.

“Being an educated person, he [Faheem] should have known what the legal process for adopting child was, so how come he is ignorant of his crime? He seems to have committed a crime, and is now trying to cover up through faulty justifications.”  

The other two accused, Safdar and Aqeel, are also claiming to be innocent. The case has been written down under section 34 and 364-A of the Pakistan Penal Code.