Islamabad - Human Rights Organization Amnesty International has contacted Indian government in connection with recovery of Pakistani citizen Col (retd) Habib Zahid.

According to media reports, Amnesty International while taking immediate notice of kidnapping of Zahid Habib has said kidnapping the citizen of another country through deception is worst trampling of human rights.

The Amnesty International while taking forthwith notice of abduction of Pakistani citizen Zahid Habib made a contact with the Indian government and Indian interior minister through a letter for his recovery by saying that Habib was called in Nepal from Pakistan for a meeting after being selected for a job and when he reached Nepal some RAW [Indian intelligence agency] agents, abducted him and took him to New Delhi.

It was also stated in the letter that these RAW agents remained in contact with Habib for two months on social media under a plan. They called Habib in Nepal on false promise of providing him employment. When he reached there RAW agents kidnapped him and took him to New Delhi.

Amnesty International said with reference to a letter received by it from wife of Colonel Habib it has demanded of the Indian government to set free Mr Habib on humanitarian grounds who had not gone to Nepal on some mission or official work.

Amnesty International has agreed to hold talks with the Indian government in this regard and the meetings will take place in New Delhi and Mumbai next week.

Wife of Habib Zahid has submitted application in Human Rights Council of United Nations for save recovery of her husband.

According to a private TV channel, in the application she stated that her husband was summoned on the pretext of giving job in UN projects to Nepal. She said her husband left for Nepal from Lahore through a flight of Jordan Airline on April 05, adding enemies of Pakistan had kidnapped Colonel Habib and she appealed the Human Right Council of UN to play its role for recovery of her husband.


Pakistan's High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit has rejected all allegations of funding the Hurriyat leadership.

Basit, in an interview to India Today, termed all the allegations regarding the Hurriyat, involving tapes and terror funding, false, adding, “this is not the first time that we have seen such allegations against the Hurriyat leadership. Such allegations were made in the past as well but nobody could substantiate or prove them. I'm confident this time too all these allegations would disappear, dissipate”, he added.

He rubbished all the charges by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) against the Kashmiri people stating that these were attempts to 'malign' them and that there is no truth to the allegations.

In response to a question by the Indian media outlet, Basit said that it is unfair to state that Pakistan is being colonised by China.

He described China and Pakistan as "very close friends."

Basit responded to a question about the Supreme Court’s ruling that disqualified Nawaz Sharif from holding any public office by stating, “This only reflects that democracy is finally taking roots in Pakistan. Sharif went through a judicial process and tomorrow we will have a new Prime Minister elected. Democracy seems to be strengthening by the day.”