Islamabad-Capital Development Authority (CDA) has received 2,676 applications for allotment of government accommodations to officials of the authority and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).

The administration of the authority has maintained an updated ‘General Waiting List’ to allot the houses to its employees on merit.

The houses have been divided into six categories so as to accommodate the officials from lower to upper grades. According to the CDA officials, 115 applications have been received for ‘A’ Category accommodations (BPS 1-4), 504 applications for ‘B’ Category (BPS 5-6), 959 applications for ‘C’ Category (BPS 7-10), 627 applications for ‘D’ Category (BPS 11-15), 410 applications for ‘E’ Category (BPS 16-17), 60 applications for ‘F’ Category (BPS-18) and one application for ‘G’ Category (BPS-19).   

Meanwhile, CDA has decided to set up a team that will undertake a joint survey throughout Islamabad to identify the hazardous deficiencies on the part of IESCO.

The team will take necessary measures to rectify all the deficiencies. IESCO and CDA/MCI will nominate an expert focal person in this regard.

Furthermore, CDA teams inspected 100 sites, challaned 28 people and issued 45 notices to the violators of hygiene under sections of PPF Ordinance 1960 during 15 days of July.

Mayor Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz has directed the Directorate of Health Services to continue operation against sub-standard and adulterated food sellers. He has further directed the officials to ensure the implementation of relevant rules and strict action against sub-standards, unhygienic and adulterated food sellers.