BAHAWALPUR - At Bahawalpur Zoo, for the first time in the country’s history, a crocodile gave birth to three babies increasing the total number to 5 here on Tuesday.

Bahawalpur Zoo’s Curator Ayub Sabir told the media that it is an honour for the Bahawalpur Zoo that first time in the history of Pakistan, a crocodile gave birth to babies in it. He added that several steps had been taken in this regard to facilitate the process of reproduction; sand was put in the pond of crocodile so that female crocodile can lay eggs in that sand.

He further said that at this time, the crocodile gave birth to three babies and all three are healthy and now total number of crocodiles in Bahawalpur Zoo has risen to five.

A large number of people were found around the crocodile cage to see the babies especially children were very excited there.