BAHAWALNAGAR - The Independence Day celebrations are in full swing as the national flags, and other such items pertaining August 14 are selling like hot cakes on different stalls.

The people thronged these stalls to buy flags, stickers, badges of Independence Day. Children’s excitement regarding the day is worth-seeing.

They are enthusiastic to celebrate Independence Day with new determination. One Abdullah said that being a Pakistani, 14th of August is the most significant day in the national history. Therefore, he said, it’s our national duty to celebrate the day with zeal and zest.

Shahid, a vendor, said that it was the national duty rather than a business. “We find no words for the children’s enthusiasm for National Day celebrations.”

During the last few days, the activity and business revive, as the government is also taking interest in the celebrations despite the threats of terrorism. Dignified celebration of the Independence Day is the national duty, which should be performed enthusiastically.