LAHORE - The national highways and motorway police on Tuesday launched road safety campaign to educate motorists about the use of helmet and seat-belt.

An NH&MP spokesman said the latest campaign was launched on directions of inspector general of motorway police to educate drivers on the highways in the central zone.

DIG Mirza Faran Baig paid surprise visits on the national highways (in beat No 12 Maraka) near Lahore on Tuesday. On this occasion, DIG Mirza Faran Baig said that the use of seat-belt is very important in everyday life.

 “Many accidents happen (on highways) everyday and proper safety measures help control such road mishaps. Passengers who are not wearing seat-belt while travelling in public transports can become projectiles during an accident,” the officer observed. “Un-buckled passengers can very easily be ejected through the front, rear or side windows, resulting in fatal,” he added. 

DIG Mirza Faran Baig further said that it was important to recognize the importance of wearing seat belt as it prevents from striking the windshield, hitting the steering wheel, door or banging around in the car and thrown out from the vehicle in case of accident.

During the campaign, drivers were briefed about the hazards of non wearing seat belt and safety helmet. Special emphasis was given to effective briefing about the wearing seat belt and safety helmet. Briefing sessions were also arranged at trucks, trailers stands and bus station, he added. He lauded the performance of N-5 Central officers and further advised them to put every effort to meet the high standards of professionalism to brighten the name of the department.