Our Judges behave as if they are a highly talented lot with brilliant academic records and protecting the Constitution and upright in delivering judgments speaking of high integrity and outcome of highly capable professionals the country could produce. 

In our times, the students who could not clear F.Sc exam or got third division switched over to FA as the cream of the students went to medical and engineering institutions. They, later on, did BA and then LLB which every mediocre or third grader could do. 

After doing LLB, they started as a lawyer and some years later, they were picked as a judge without any competitive exam. They became high court and supreme court judges. This is briefly the background of our so called worthy and honorable judges barring exceptions. 

These so called capable and most knowledgeable persons declared four 

Martial Laws as legal and authorised one military dictator to even amend the Constitution! 

God help our country. 


Lahore, July 15.