LAHORE - The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday again ordered the police to recover two sons of a Canadian woman from the custody of their father, a DIG with the National Highways and Motorways Police.

It was the third time that the court passed the order for recovery of the boys, but to no avail. Earlier, Justice Ahmad Raza Gillani had passed the order for recovery of the boys. On Monday, Justice Ahmad Raza directed the police to recover the boys and produce them in the court on Tuesday. Now, the court would resume the hearing on Thursday.

Justice Mujahid Mustaqeem Ahmed took up the case and expressed concerns over the police failure to comply with the court orders. The judge observed that the court had ordered production of the boys on July 3, but the order was not complied with.

Mirjam Aberras Lahdeaho filed a petition through Advocate Hina Jillani, submitting that her husband Ghulam Mahmood Dogar, currently working as DIG with the Punjab Highway Patrol, had illegally detained their sons Qasim Dogar (17) and Jaffer Dogar (13) and was not allowing her to see them.

On Monday, the lawyer of DIG Ghulam Mahmood told the court that the petition against him for recovery of his sons was not maintainable, as a local court had already declared him guardian of his children. However, the judge observed that the case would be adjudicated by this court after the boys are produced in the court and both sides are heard.

Hina Jillani, counsel for the petitioner woman, contended that Ghulam Mahmood’s daughter Zara put up resistance and told her father that she would involve the Canadian Embassy in this case if he would not let her go back to Canada. On this, she said, he gave her passport and let her go back to Canada. But, she said, his sons were quite young and could not put up resistance to their father.

She said the boys were not going to any school. Their father was keeping them in custody of security guards so that they cannot go back to Canada. She said that Ghulam Mahmood misled the guardian court and got himself declared guardian of the children. She said, in his application for guardianship, Ghulam Mahmood alleged that his wife Mirjam was a Christian by faith and expressed the fear that she would spoil his children if they were not given into her custody. She said Mirjam was a Muslim by faith and she was very pained to know about the allegations levelled by her husband. She said that Mirjam spent 31 years with Ghulam Mahmood and she was still his wife.