MULTAN - The workers of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf staged a protest against the party’s erstwhile president Makhdoom Javed Hashmi for “what they stated” as telling lies and twisting facts, here outside Multan Press Club on Tuesday.

Hardly a dozen PTI activists could gather outside the press club for a demo announced a day ago. The protesters shouted slogans against Hashmi and called him “Daghi” instead of his known title “Baghi.”

The protesters then rallied up to Nawan Shehr Chowk where they burnt effigies of Hashmi and owner of a TV Channel Mir Shakil. They staged a sit-in at the chowk, causing a slight traffic jam. Talking to the journalists, they said that the stories told by Hashmi in front of TV cameras were figment of his imagination and these tales had nothing to do with the reality. They maintained that the stories were meant to appease Sharifs as Hashmi needs support from the PML-N to revive his dead politics.

Meanwhile, talking to the media, MNA Malik Aamir Dogar declared Hashmi a mentally-retarded person who delivered false media statements due to the failure of his political career. He maintained that Hashmi would be remembered in the history as a person who stabbed in the back of those who did favours to him. He said that Hashmi brought shame to the party name by selling out the tickets during last elections. “Hashmi thinks that he can trap masses through his false stories but the people do not have that short memory. They know that he deceived the PML-N first and then PTI. He is a traitor,” he added. He said that despite use of entire state machinery, the residents of NA-149 rejected Hashmi in last by election. He challenged Hashmi to contest election against him. “I’ll inflict a humiliating defeat on him once again,” he claimed.