Being one of the big dams, Rawal Dam provides an estimated 24 gallons of water to Rawalpindi daily. It is unfortunate that hundreds of fish have been found died in Rawal Dam on Saturday.  

According to First Information Report(FIR) which registered with the Secretariat Police Station that fish died due to the pouring of poisonous substance in the dam. On the other hand, Water and Sanitation Agency(WASA) stated that poison had not been found in the water of Rawal Dam. However, FIR had been filed against a local mafia for pouring poison into the dam.  

Deputy Director Fisheries Department Islamabad, Muhammad Sadiq Buzdar registered FIR that people from the mafia were stopped fishing and boating in the dam as it is banned and 20 boats were confiscated while five persons were arrested from the mafia. This action, he said, irked mafia which has added poison material into the water that has been killing huge numbers of fish in the last few days and others are dying on daily basis. Most importantly, water supply to Rawalpindi was suspended. That’s making bundles of problems for citizens to get water. 

The government should take immediate action on this serious issue. 


Turbat, July 18.