SADIQABAD - Adherence to traffic rules is not only the key for drivers to have safe road travel but it also guarantees safety to the lives of other motorists and pedestrians.

This was crux speeches made at a seminar titled “Road Safety” organised to create awareness among the masses regarding importance of traffic laws to minimize accidents.

Addressing the participants, Motorways Police (Beat-23) DSP Hamid Khan highlighted the importance of wearing helmets and seat belts while driving. He threw light on the importance of following traffic signals on roads and their significance to avoid accidents. He also stressed the need for punishing and fining traffic law violators.

Patrol Officer Humayun said that the Motorways police officials are conducting patrol on motorways and national highways to provide security to the motorists. He said that the seminar is part of the campaign launched by the motorways police to create awareness among masses regarding traffic laws.

Pakistan Life Care Foundation (PLCF) Chairman Mian Sharif Rashid lauded the services of motorways police. . on the occasion, the participants were distributed pamphlets, head cap and gifts by the motorways police.