When Imran Khan said “I have made many mistakes in life, but marrying Reham has to be the biggest”, anyone after reading Reham Khan’s book could do nothing, but agree with this statement of the chairman of PTI. A week before the General Elections 2018, Reham Khan published her autobiography, which seemed to be an attempt of character assassination of her former husband, instead. Probably, it could have been one of the reasons why no publishing house in the UK wanted to publish her book.

The book, from the very beginning is oozing out narcissism, and self-love. From being an exceptional child star that never cried, to being extremely popular at school, she considered herself to be an epitome of perfection. Upon growing up, and being a working woman, she had a really hard time at the work places, especially BBC North, where according to her, women used to be jealous of her, because of her looks. She believed that the world was a cruel place for women who were attractive. The number of harassment encounters that Reham faced were rather unbelievable. Where ever she worked, be it the UK or Pakistan, a woman so confident like her has been victimized by numerous of harassment attempts, probably because of her looks. According to her, her reason of contacting Imran Khan in the first place was to report the harassing messages by Naeem-ul-Haq, and in return all he did was replying her with a flirtatious message that it was her smile to be blamed, not Naeem-ul-Haq. As per her, the prowling, sleazy Naeem-ul-Haq relentlessly chased her, and she had to ask for help from Shehryar Taseer in order to be saved at a PTI gathering. It is hard to believe that at all her workplaces in the UK, the TV channels she worked for in Pakistan, and the PTI political gatherings, a bold and confident woman like her, who as per her knew how to keep men at a distance, had been harassed everywhere, because of her charisma. Major self-obsession alert right there.

It is interesting to note that even though Reham Khan denies the idea of doing a political damage to Imran Khan by publishing it a week before elections, yet her book is adorned with extremely exaggerated and fancied praises for the PML-N. She described Hamza Shahbaz as an extremely polite individual, and Maryam Nawaz as a lady of mannerisms, as she found her to be an extremely focused, time conscious woman who opened the door of her office by herself, instead of taking help from the staff. Reham believed that the hateful feelings of the Pakistani nation towards Maryam Nawaz were undeserved. Her sudden inclination towards the PML-N and the long praise worthy chapters about the PML-N leaders all hinted towards a political agenda, contrary to what she claimed to be untrue.

Reham has also pulled unnecessary secular strings with respect to the Shia-Sunni narrative. Considering the current scenario of Pakistan, it is the time to be united, and to be emerged as a nation, but Reham Khan just made an attempt to cultivate the seeds of unnecessary hatred between both the sects by claiming that the top tier leadership of PTI consisted of Shia leaders, such as Shireen Mazari, and Shah Mehmood Qureshi was the reason why they pumped Imran Khan against an orthodox Sunni Deobandi wife, that she was. She also claimed that Imran Khan gets funding for the party from a Shia group residing in the Gulf. She disclosed these details as if Shias are not a part of Islam, or a sect to be ashamed of. Even if it’s true that Imran Khan gets funding from a Shia group, then what exactly is wrong with it? Donations for the party funds can be made by both the Shias and the Sunnis, then why this prejudice? Why did she try to present Shias in such a bad light? It certainly shows her secular mindset.

Reham Khan claims to be a pro at speaking multiple languages and having a good grasp of religion. Yet she termed her husbands as ‘Mazaji Khuda’ instead of ‘Majazi Khuda’. Not only that, she described that a typical woman of our culture views the idea of marriage or the idea of having a husband more like having a ‘Patti Parmeshwar’. She probably forgot that she belonged to Muslim Community and not a Hindu one, as she says that a normal woman of our culture associates the idea of a wedding with wearing mangalsutra, sindoor, or keeping karwachauth, as they fancifully depict in the Bollywood movies. Additionally, she clearly forgot the teachings of Islam regarding keeping the detailed encounters of the consummation of ones’ marriage a secret, as she described each and every detail of her encounters with both her husbands which was clearly not needed. Maybe she tried to sensationalize the content of the book, but whatever, I must say that what sound knowledge of Islam!

Reham Khan claimed that she very well knew about the notorious personality of Imran Khan, as being a journalist she was aware of his colorful past, still she initiated the contact with Imran Khan on her own which seemed to be an attention seeking strategy. As mentioned earlier, a woman so confident like her could have easily rejected the advancements of Naeem-ul-Haq towards her, if there were any. Why did she contact Imran Khan and had long conversations with him, in the lieu of registering a complaint about a party worker? Even then, when Imran Khan as per her, replied her with a flirtatious message, blaming her stunning smile for those harassing messages, she again contacted Imran, for the second time on her own after his Jalsa in order to let him know that how committed his followers were. To which, as per her, Imran Khan instantly replied to know what she, “Miss Critical” thought of her speech. She claims that she replied him that “It could have been a bit better”. I mean, a woman like her, who had no sound knowledge of the politics is trying to give suggestions to a political leader who had been into politics for more than 18 years. If it’s not an attempt to impress the leader, or to garner some attention from him, then what is it?

The first encounter of Reham Khan with Imran Khan, as described by Reham Khan seemed to be a scene of a teenage romantic movie. Initially she claimed that she sensed that Imran Khan had been flirtatious with her, yet she decided to meet him alone, at his place. Very rational decision right there. According to how she describes herself, she was a tough woman as she knew how to give shut up calls to men who showed advancements towards her, yet she tolerated compliments regarding her height and weight that Imran Khan made. She also claimed that he compared her with Jemima while she was having dinner with him. He called Jemima a sloppy eater, and praised the way Reham ate so nicely. Which sane woman decides to stay back after such strange advancements by a man, that too being alone with him at his house? The mosquitoes played a major part in the marriage of Reham Khan with Imran Khan, as it were the mosquito bites that compelled Imran Khan to grab her ankles and soothe the mosquito bites with his hands. It was not long ago that Imran grabbed her and took her to the garden in the darkness, and tried to be intimate with her. She didn’t resist for once, instead went along with him. Despite giving him a shut up call, she like a timid teenager fell to the ground and cursed herself for coming alone to meet the playboy, as she describes. What a nice, and sensible woman she was!

According to Reham, she had been very unlucky with respect to the kind of husbands she had. But, I believe that she had been really lucky both the times in terms of the truthfulness of her husbands. Most of the husbands these days try their level best to hide their notorious past from their wives, but both the husbands of Reham used to gleefully tell all their naughty stories to her, and that too in details. According to her, Imran Khan confirmed all the rumors about him in the media industry. He confessed to being interested in males, females, she males or all of them together. Which husband in his sane mind would confess such details in front his wife? But no, as per Reham Khan, both her husbands very truthfully did. Unbelievable but as per her, true.

It is rightly said that kids are apolitical, and must not be a part of the controversies, no matter what. For Reham, she claimed that she could only think of a second marriage if the person proposing her would be ready to accept her children, or how well the person interacted with her children. However, Reham on the contrary dedicated long paragraphs in order to convince the reader that Jemima’s brought up was a failure as her kids were sad looking, under confident lads who couldn’t conduct interactive conversations with Imran Khan. Reham’s children on the other hand were intellectual, intelligent, and most genius. No wonder why Jemima threatens to run her son’s libel claims against Reham. Not only children, Reham gauged Imran’s intellectual abilities with respect to what he named his dogs. She claimed herself to be more intellectual as her dog Maximus’ name was fancier than Imran’s dog ‘Motu’. What a rational parameter to gauge how intellectual a person is.

Sometimes in an attempt to belittle someone, we end up belittling ourselves. Reham through the mudslinging on Imran became a center of ridicule herself. She associated all sorts of evil vices to Imran. From being a Zionist, to a practitioner of black magic, to being an abusive, heterosexual drug addict, and a characterless failure, she tried her level best to portray him as the epitome of all the bad things in the world. Yet Imran proved to be a man of character as he never said a word against former wife, her children, or her character. All he could say about her was calling her ‘the biggest mistake’ of his life, which was indeed true.