After the delivery of the Russian S-400 Surface to air missile defense system to Turkey amounting of Rs. $2.5 Billion, relations between Turkey and the USA are looming new crises. It is obvious that Turkey needs a New air defense missile system in the country according to new security risks arising in the region.

However, crises occurred in the Turkish Russian relations in Nov 2015, after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet near its border with Syria. After that relations between the two countries began in late June 2016. The security & Defense sector long ignored has emerged as a major area for Bilateral Cooperation between the two countries. The increasing involvement of Russia in the Turkish defense industry might lead to tough constraints at NATO level. Furthermore, it seems that the USA is planning to cancel the deal of F-35 fighter jets with Turkey in the near future.

More over it remains unclear that why Turkish President Recep Tayyip seems to acquire the capability from historical rival & potential adversary instead from NATO. This deal will likely have major consequences for Turkey & its future Geo-political orientation.