LAHORE - Actor Hira Mani has established herself as one of the leading actress in Pakistani drama industry with heroutstanding acting skills. 

The Do Bol actress Hira Mani opened up she balances motherhood and acting and why her success felt like a long time coming during an interview with BBC Asian Network.

“Because I am doing a job I enjoy, I feel a bit guilty when I go home,” Hira told BBC Asian Network.

When asked did you have a proper strategy in moving towards acting, the star replied, “I have no plans in my life. People ask me what’s your next plan. I laugh; I say my next plan is to teach Muzammil gymnastics. My plans have nothing to do with myself.”

She added: “There is a job- just like an engineer or a family doctor. They must go into an operating theatre and come home. They won’t go into the operating theatre with a starry attitude. This is a job keep your attitude and passion limited to the TV. In reality, I am also sweeping up my house. when I go home, sometimes I start dusting when I see a room unclear. In reality you are only a star on Television. ”

When asked at start you said women in Pakistan feel guilty if they pursue their passion but your husband is so supportive, you have no reason to feel guilt, Hira said: “ I feel guilty because I have to leave my children. Before Do Bol, or any of my other work, I used to pray to God that, God I’m leaving my children, please make it worth it. Let people notice my effort, I work passionately. Believe me, God accepted my prayer and I have been awarded for my efforts through the success of Do Bol.”