Inclusion is a remarkable platform where the rainbow is allowed to have all of the colors and every single grain of sand is equally permitted to shine, where no one feels inferior because of the creed they belong to, where an individual is appreciated on the basis of talent rather than skin shade, where every heart is allowed to beat freely. Inclusive education is a novel system of education where every color, age, gender, race, creed, religion, region, skin color is encouraged to acquire education without the discrimination of marital status, financial status and mental health status, where the environment is free of the filth of prestige and power, where children of an officer and laborer sit together on a bench to read.

In Pakistan, the educational system has been botched to provide knowledge among the students without any discrimination. Education has been divided into two main sectors, Private and Government. Private sectors fulfill the requirements of quality education for those who can afford, while students who meet the expense of Government sectors are unable to relish quality education which results in the development of inferiority complex among students.

Pakistan needs to connect its youth through inclusiveness because great minds do not require a tag of a certain color, creed or religion. Educational institutions must devise ways to bring all the students to a single stage to perform their talent, a stage on which there is no need to hide true selves to conform to society. They must introduce inclusive education which abolishes the conventional air by providing an environment free of mocking and humiliating thoughts. Knowledge should not be confined by building a fence among students on the basis of their study grades. Independence of acquiring quality education is the right of every individual.