Karachi    -   Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood on Thursday denied any cut in the budgetary allocation for Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan.

Responding to queries raised by students and educationists, following his detailed presentation on “Education System of Pakistan: Challenges and Way Forward organised by Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL),  he strongly dispelled the impression that funds for the Commission may have been slashed.

On the contrary the allocation for HEC and its varied schemes were cited to be complimented by funding for its numerous ongoing projects under National Development Programs by the current federal government of the country.

They were released Rs 65 billion in the previous fiscal year while Rs58 billion have been allocated for current year and this is besides a substantial amount of funds for different ongoing projects of the HEC, said  Shafqat Mahmood.

To another query about lack of jobs for by PhDs in Microbiology and many of the other subjects in the country, the federal minister attributed the situation to lack of planning.

“This is an issue along with that of questionable quality of the degree holders,” he commented.

Shafqat Mahmood said that he in his personal capacity was of the view that Higher Education should be under the federal government and that he at the same time do believe that there should be least involvement of the governments in sphere of higher education and research.

“Public policy and policy implantation is a very complicated process in our country and for this we have to rectify the system.” said the federal education minister in reply to a question about how to improve the process of recruitment and also how to hold the teachers accountable. Shafqat said that the federal government was giving priority to quality education in order to ensure human resource development in line with modern requirements.

Different education systems working in the society like Madrassa education, government schools, private schools, Urdu medium, English medium and others are not putting good impact on the society due to different types  of curriculum, specially Madrassas need to be  registered by the Government, he highlighted.

He further said that the government was working to introduce uniform education system and skilled development programmes in the country and it would be a marvelous step by the PTI government.

“The education system is facing numerous challenges which will be tackled according to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan,” he concluded.

In the end he answered media questions regarding challenges Pakistan is facing in education system.


Federal Minister for Education Professional Training and National Heritage Shafqat Mehmmod attended the launching ceremony of book of Khawar Jamil, son of Jamil Jalibi named “Bohat Mushkil se Hota hai Chaman main dedawar Paida.”

Shafqat thanked Khawar Jamil, Chairman Pakistan National Academy, Moenud din Aqil and Shakeel Farooqi. He said that unfortunately he didn’t know Jamil Jalibi personally but whatever heard about him, rose the wish to know him deeply. He said he had read some books of Jalibi that really impressed him.

He further said that authors and poets are the heritage of country and they are the pillars of Urdu literature. Such events should be organized time to time especially in Karachi. In the end Federal Minister thanked for organizing such successful event.