KARACHI - The retail price of eggs has surged to Rs 80 per dozen due to the start of winter season. Earlier, the price was Rs. 65 per dozen only, retailers told The Nation. The price hike in poultry products has been witnessed this week. As the weather is changing in the city the demand for poultry, especially eggs, has gone up. This fact has also given the reason to the poultry related people to increase the prices of eggs. It is commonly observed that during winter the egg consumption increases in comparison to other seasons. While inquiring the situation related to supply of poultry products, one of the poultry farm owners expressed his views that inflation has struck their business very badly. "Feed that we used to give at our poultry was for Rs. 500 per sack last year. Now the price of feed has surged up to Rs. 1100 per sack. This has forced 50 per cent of the people related to this business, to with draw their money from it and start something else," he said. "More over, there are different diseases that we are now witnessing among chickens these days. It has rapidly destroyed the poultry business. There is no satisfactory treatment provided by the veterinary doctors. More over, the medicine that is being supplied in the markets is also forged. Due to this very reason chickens die in large quantity whenever there is any epidemic among them. The prices of poultry products remained high during summer as well because of this reason," he further added. "The supply of the poultry products remains sufficient to the main market in Sadder. But it has been affected in the areas where there is law and order situation," he added. Meanwhile, the condition of law and order also increased the prices of different daily used products in the city. Due to this situation, many areas remained closed and people faced great difficulty in order to buy daily used products from the markets. The supply of flour, sugar, oil and other daily used products has suffered. Moreover, the price of these commodities also hiked in the areas that remained close since last Friday. The government should now take steps in order to restore peace in these areas and provide relief to the citizens of this metropolitan.