KARACHI - Central Naib Ameer Jamaat-i-Islami Pakistan, Prof. Ghafoor Ahmed on Monday alleged that MQM and ANP were responsible for the ongoing riots in City as they had been intensifying hatred among ethnic communities past several days. He demanded the deployment of the Army to restore law and order in the metropolis and urged the Prime Minister to immediately visit Karachi and take concrete measures to end the ongoing bloodshed in the city. Addressing a Press conference at JI Karachi office, Ghafoor Ahmed warned India that the entire Pakistani nation was united behind the country's armed forces and in case of any aggression would teach a lesson to New Delhi if it takes any foolish step of attacking Pakistan. Commenting over the reaction of Indian government over the Mumbai attacks, he said that after this shameful incident, Indian Prime Minister, media, army and almost all of their analysts put blame on Pakistan without any evidence or investigation, which showed that not a single person in India believed in justice. Referring to the law and order situation in Karachi, Prof Ghafoor pointed out that internal security threat to the country was more serious than the external one. He added that country's economic hub has been turned into a slaughterhouse of innocent people. He alleged the government has completely failed to protect the lives and property of citizens. He demanded the government to discuss the situation in the National Conference summoned by the Prime Minister with a view to discuss the Mumbai violence. Prof. Ghafoor urged the Sindh government to summon an urgent session of the provincial assembly and chalk out a strategy to end the ongoing violence in the metropolis and arrest the culprits involved. He criticised the law-enforcement agencies over their poor performance to maintain law and order situation in the metropolis. Ghafoor Ahmed said that if the foreign hands were involved in the violence then it was the government's responsibility to take practical steps to thwart the impeding carnage in the metropolis.