It may sound rather cynical but I wish to tell our learned politicians to stop giving statements about 'progress, growth, development' etc, etc. These words make good copy in the press but they sound like a joke now. Let politicians concentrate on the crisis, or rather the crises, at hand. I am sure they will still make an item in the newspapers. International agencies are already labeling our country a 'failed state' and so on. So our glass is already half-empty. One wonders if in a crisis as dire as this, our politicians can stop worrying about their ministries, their vehicles, and their luxuries. One wishes they would adopt a simpler life. Let them bring back to their 'beloved homeland' the money they stole from here and is stashed at present in foreign banks. Let them think of their little allegiance to Pakistan. With out that, their 'bleeding hearts' statements in public addresses, TV and press have become quite meaningless and frivolous. Will some sense prevail upon these so-called self-proclaimed 'great leaders'? In my humble assessment, they are leaders because there are no other sensible people at the helm of affairs at the moment. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, November 23.