LAHORE - Former PCB chief Shaharyar Khan feels if Pakistani cricketers could brave threats during their 1999 tour of India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his men can also do the same and come for the Test and ODI series here next year. "When we went to India in 99' there were threats to us but the tour went ahead as planned and was a success and it helped reduce tensions between the two countries, " Shaharyar was quoted by a website as saying. "The same thing happened in 2004 it was a ground breaking series in many ways and helped improve the overall scenario. Postponing or cancelling the (upcoming) series will not help the situation at all, " he added. Shaharyar, who was also the foreign secretary and Pakistan's ambassador to New Delhi besides managing the team on its 1999 tour to India, said cricket is one of the most important binding forces between the two countries. "Cricket has in the past helped the two countries reduce their differences. It can again play a positive role that is why it is so important that India tour Pakistan as planned early next year, " he said in an interview. He condemned the terror attacks in Mumbai, saying such unfortunate incidents would affect the confidence building measures and dialogue between the two countries to some extent. "Cricket is big in both countries and gets lot of media play. I think both cricket boards must be prepared to work together to make the coming series possible, " he explained. India are scheduled to play three Tests and five ODIs during the tour, which is in serious doubt after the Mumbai mayhem.