The issue of sovereignty is quoted quite frequently these days by the rulers and the ruled, mostly in connection with another of one of the dozens of missile attacks launched by US drones onto Pakistani territory, tribal as well as settled areas, which the US claim that Pakistani rulers have consented since July 2008. These attacks though lauded each time by the government as having killed so many militants are achieving only one thing that they kill an uncounted number of women and children and by doing so they deepen the hatred of the local population not only for the US and NATO but also for the Pakistani government. Sovereignty means the exclusive right of a country to control its political, economic, military and other affairs. Sovereignty, therefore, can rest strictly on the basis of economic and political independence. In Pakistan by now growing poverty, economic mismanagement, false or missing long-term policies in many sectors of industry, agriculture, taxation and budget allocation has brought about such deterioration that a number of the citizens have lost faith in their own country. A million dollar question is: how to deal with the economic crisis, which has engulfed our country in the last few months by allowing the dollar exchange rate to jump from Rs 61 to Rs 81, which has inflated the burden of payments against all kinds of import bills drying the kitty unto a level of facing default. An atmosphere was created that the only choice the nation had was to go to the IMF, a condition of which they had already accepted while presenting the budget for 2008-09. Here again the truth comes out that divided loyalty undermines sovereignty, and the reason for this is not to be found outside but very much inside Pakistan. In both cases US interests are the dominating force: in case of IMF and that of War On Terror. Sovereignty in a globalised world is anyway problematic, if we look at the whole picture. Global political and economic relations are heavily dominated by Western powers and lately by the US alone. This position of domination the West now tries to safeguard when they announce bail-out packages instead of letting certain industries collapse and by that allow a natural proves of restructuring take place. If you look at the packages announced by the Bush administration and other Western countries, you will see that good money is being thrown, with no hope of recovery. US$ 700 billion were injected as immediate bail out, more then 10 percent of which again went in the pockets of the corrupt management in the form of bonus, gratuity and other perks. No body has questioned this and now another package of US$ 800 billion has been promised by the Federal Reserve Bank in a desperate bid to bail out Citi group and other financial conglomerates in America. The EU had earlier approved 80 billion Euros and now they have approved a stimulus plan of another 260 billion. Never before such heavy amounts were seen being thrown without any thinking. One thing is becoming visible: the influence of former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin has worked magic since he himself is on the board of Citi Group. No body questioned how this will impact upon the poor and developing countries to get any relief to survive in the widely announced another New World Order, which will flout the rules of the game more vigorously by printing paper currency of any denomination or quantity just because US and European sovereignty is very, very dear to them. When will we revive the spirit of Be Pakistani and Buy Pakistani goods?