LAHORE - At this hour of escalating tension between India and Pakistan, lawyers all over the country are with the nation and the armed forces to frustrate the aggressive designs of the enemy, former president SCBA and PPP CEC member, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan told an emergency press conference here on Monday. Flanked by president LHCBA Anwar Kamal and secretary SCBA Shaukat Umer Pirzada, Barrister Aitzaz said he has been invited by the prime minister to National Security Conference today (Tuesday) but there is a confusion about the invitation as he is no more president of the Bar therefore if the PM wanted him to participate as a Bar president, he cannot do it. He said the prime minister might invite president SCBA Ali Ahmad Kurd to the conference for he was representing the community at present or to both of them, however, no invitation has been given to Mr Kurd so far. Aitzaz said India and Pakistan must adopt peaceful means to overcome misunderstandings between each other instead of going to war for that would draw both the countries back by decades. However, looking at the situation, he asked the government to store wheat, rice and oil and inform the nation about the civil defence readiness besides, protecting its eastern borders. He called for shunning all unnecessary expenditure by the government asking the rulers to exhibit austerity and a spirit of sacrifice on the state expenditure so that the nation could follow them. He asked the Pakistanis particularly the politicians to bring their money back from abroad so that foreign reserves of the state increase at this difficult time. Aitzaz demanded immediate reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and other judges of 'independent mind' to streamline economic condition of Pakistan by attracting foreign investments. Expressing deep concern over the Karachi riots, he asked the administration to immediately take strict measures to control the situation. He said victory of Rashid A Rizvi as president of Karachi Bar Association in the face of opposition of all political parties shows the lawyers stand for the restoration of Justice Chaudhry. Responding to a question, he said lawyers' movement would continue and any change during the present circumstances would be brought through the decisions of National Co-ordination Council holing meeting after the Eid. To a question on the issue of 'undue' marks awarded to the daughter of Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, he said it was a very sorry incident which had shaken confidence of the people in a person who is supposed to administer justice to everyone but he himself has played 'foul' to get extra marks for his daughter. It was not befitting to the office of CJP, he said, adding the SCBA through a resolution has called for resignation of Justice Dogar while other bar associations are presenting resolutions and requisitions on the same demand. Therefore, Justice Dogar must quit the office and apologise to the nation for his act, he added. To a quarry, Aitzaz admitted to have agreed to represent Kharibar Murri and Baloch, at present in custody of the UK on terrorism charges, before the British court in January next. Both the said Pakistanis were handed over to the British government by Musharraf government in return of Rashid Rauf, alleged mastermind of an abortive plane crash attempt in Britain. To a question on halting operation in tribal areas, he said, we need to fortify our defence on the eastern border.