KARACHI - Law enforcement agencies (LEA) have failed to produce missing Zeeshan Jalil, 28, before the court despite of passing several months, said the family members of Jalil. Addressing a Press conference at Karachi Press Club on Monday, Professor Mohammad Jalil Khan, father of Zeeshan, along with his wife, daughter-in-law and brother said that his son Zeeshan was abducted by the security forces on October 18, 2008 when he was on his way to home. He said that they had approached the concerned high-ups, but instead of taking any initiative regarding his recovery they asked strange questions from them about their religion and sect. "Higher authorities are not sincere to cooperate with us in this matter." He alleged that on the day of his kidnapping, security forces had took his younger son Ibrahim Jalil who was on his way on car. When he reached Taj Complex located at MA Jinnah Road, suddenly four or five personnel of LEA in plain clothes intercepted him and took him into their car at gunpoint. During travelling they started asking him several questions for his verification. In this regard they also contacted some other people via their cellphones to inform them that they abducted a person, but later they recognised that they took a wrong person. They asked Ibrahim about the whereabouts of his younger brother Zeeshan. Later, Ibrahim took them to Shahrah-e-Qadir at 6pm where Zeeshan was present. Afterwards they abducted Zeeshan and released his brother, Ibrahim. Zeeshan's wife said that following the incident, they went to several police stations of the City but her husband was not found in any police station. Later they went to a police station to register the case but the police only registered a formal case (Roznamcha). After some days she went to Brigade police station where the police had registered an FIR 280/2008 under section 365/34ppc in this regard. It is pertinent to mention here that they had approached the court regarding his recovery, as the case is under-process in Sindh High Court on the petition moved by Asfiya Zeeshan w/o Zeeshan Jalil.