LAHORE - City people in a survey showed a strong anti-Indian feelings after New Delhi jumped to blame Pakistan for Mumbai attacks without any solid proofs and dictated Islamabad to ensure appearance of DG ISI before the Indian authorities like an accused person. The impression gathered from the input received from people belong to various walks of life including trades as well as students, was that of apologetic attitude to the threatening postures of Indian ministers, media and the military persons against Pakistan. They wanted Pakistan government to put its foot down on protecting sovereignty, integrity and respect of the country and the nation and do not do anything which lets the nation down or lowers its morals. A student and an old man running a shop in a fit of emotion said, the whole nation was ready to fight and lay down their life for the safety of the country. Almost everyone had a consensus that the Mumbai attacks were a well thought plan prepared by India with the support of US and Israeli agencies to trap Pakistan into a conspiracy and push it further to the wall in a situation when it was already grappling with economic and the problem of terrorism. They did not want Pakistan fighting the war on terror in the US interests specially when the Bush administration wanted to make Pakistan a scapegoat to rinse the blots of defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan by instilling the impression about Pakistan as terrorist exporting state meeting the wavelength of Indian tone at present. A senior lecturer commented that the nexus of the three anti-Pakistan forces aimed at getting hold of Pakistan's nuclear installation by showing to the world that Pakistan is failed to control terrorism hence it was taking to this measure which has to benefit Bush government to justify to its people billions of dollars spending on this war. He said Indian government, in addition to taking election advantage by charging Pakistan with the incident, is also trying to get into the shoes of America to reap the same benefits which US did after 9/11 so that it not only attracts the international attention to it but also magnify its stature by suppressing and pushing Pakistan. He said in a number of past incidents, especially Samjota Express, it were Indian army men and Hindu extremists who were found involved in the investigation. Mumbai attacks, he said, by all dimensions appear a well meditated scheme to frighten Pakistan and our leadership must understand the Indian trick not to fall in the trap. The need of the hour is, our leadership must show wisdom and courage for the enemy this time around, has come up with a new plan to execute what America newspapers had been showing in their redrawn maps of Pakistan, he said and stressed the need of unity and removing all irritants, including the issue of deposed judges, in its way. He said the reinstatement of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary would be a big help to boost up confidence of the masses at this juncture and make them back the government with full spirit.