ISLAMABAD-UK Foreign Minister David Miliband on Monday telephoned his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi to discuss bilateral relations and share views on regional and global situation. 'Shah Mahmood Qureshi informed Miliband that Pakistan had strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Mumbai', said a Foreign Office statement issued here on Monday. President Zardari and PM Yousaf Raza Gilani called the Indian Prime Minister to express grief and shock over the terrorist attacks and assured the Indian leadership of Pakistan's support at this critical juncture. The Foreign Minister said he was in India when the terrorists perpetrated attacks against various targets in Mumbai. In his extensive interaction with Indian leaders, opinion makers and the media, Pakistan offered assistance and cooperation in countering extremism and terrorism, which was a common enemy of both countries, he added. Miliband lauded Pak role in fight against terrorism. He expressed the hope that Pakistan and India would continue their bilateral cooperation for the stability and economic development of the South Asian region. Agencies adds, Nato shrugged off Monday an attack on a convoy transporting supplies for its troops in Afghanistan, saying that the strike on a terminal in Pakistan had not hurt the alliance's operation there. Neither the Alliance takes part in operations inside Pakistan nor it will conduct any operation in the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas, its spokesman James Appathurai said "The attacks that have taken place on Nato supplies, while of concern, have not been of strategic significance. They have not affected the operation in any substantial way," Appathurai said. "There are alternatives (to the Khyber Pass) that can be explored and are being explored, and can be enhanced if necessary," he said, adding that the attack "is of concern, but it is manageable." The spokesman said that Nato's ties with Pakistan would not be affected by Mumbai attacks. He hoped that Pakistan would continue its cooperation in war on terror. He said that neither Nato did nor it had any intentions to operate beyond Pak-Afghan border line, as its mandate was to monitor at the border only.