Reference letter of Dr Faud Shafiq (The Nation November 28) under the caption "The new terrorist". The previous government's track record in cracking down on criminal elements at various levels is not quite assuring. Incidents were frequently reported in the press exposing the patronisation of criminals by the ruling elite but hardly any action was taken. According to a special report of the US Department of Justice, 43,000 medical malpractice cases were reported in seven states of America between 2000 and 2004. Every year a large number of doctors are prosecuted for negligent medical treatment in developed countries. But in countries like Pakistan unfortunately there is no such tradition. Some people think, some doctors are dangerously negligent with no fear of accountability. The doctor was booked against the complaint of the family of the deceased after the media published reports of his negligence. There is perhaps no country in the world where professionals are above the law except Pakistan. The Chief Minister is trying to revolutionize the situation in public interest. The action against the students was initiated by the administration of Government College University. It was a sad incident and according to my knowledge, students have been reinstated and an inquiry is being conducted. It is need of the hour to establish the rule of law in the country. The government must give a loud and clear message with actions that no one is above the law.-QUDRATULLAH, Lahore, December 1.