Every working citizen is paying tax on his income besides paying indirect taxes on use of utilities such as gas, electricity, telephones etc. Everyone except the ruling elite. This is a class of people whose majority belongs to feudal landowners that possess thousands of acres and no other occupation in life but politics as they do not have to work eight hours a day to earn their livelihood. And these people are not prepared to pay any tax on their income. Hence, no tax on income from agricultural lands But now the IMF loan conditions are forcing the government to impose tax on agricultural income. At present the owners of 12. 5 acre of agricultural land are paying Rs. 150 per acre per annum and owners of more than 12.5 acres area are paying Rs. 250 per acre per annum only. Levying tax on agricultural incomes has been an issue since the early 1950s because these big landlords captured the political power right from the start and have been ruling the country ever since. They have been through out keeping the tax on their incomes at bay by not allowing the parliament to pass the law. The contours of the political system have remained the same throughout the 61 years of the country's existence. The ruling class is not willing to work for welfare of the ordinary people. They are only interested in protecting their own wealth. Since the army generals, who ruled the country for more than half of its life were also owners of large tracts of allotted agricultural lands, the tax on agricultural income was always postponed to posterity. -ENGR S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, via e-mail, November 22.