THE PPP celebrated its 42nd Foundation Day in different parts of the country with a reiteration of commitments to the aims that underlay its formation, usually expected on such occasions. The present trying circumstances - a revival of tension with India adding another worry to the government's repertoire of seemingly intractable problems, like political polarisation and backbreaking economic hardship for the people - posed a veritable challenge to the PPP-led political set-up in the country. And there was, indeed, need for underlining those objectives. The workers' convention held at the Alhamra cultural complex at Lahore called upon Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari to reorganise the party with political vision and in the light of its guiding principles, counselling the leadership to advance the party policies of reconciliation at the national as well as international levels. Although Governor Salman Taseer's remark in his address at the convention that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto laid the foundation of the biggest party in Lahore is historically correct, he should have avoided the observation that Lahore would be made the party's stronghold. On the face of it there is nothing objectionable in it, but it rekindles the widespread feeling that he is out to destabilise the PML(N) government in the Punjab, that was occasioned when he said that he would convert Lahore into Larkana at the time of assuming office and by his subsequent political manoeuvrings. Such statements do great harm to the attempts at creating smooth relationship between main political parties, which is, indeed, the need of the hour. In the expression of solidarity with the authorities to meet foreign threats, there can be little doubt that the citizens, one and all, would join hands with them. Nor should there be any question to the demand for the implementation of the ZAB land reforms and the Charter of Democracy. The PPP's popularity, or for that matter of any other party, depends upon its faithful adherence to commitments made to the public that voted it into power, and it is towards that end the PPP's high command should be paying attention.