LAHORE - Lub Gas and Mehran LPG reduced their wholesale prices by Rs 21-45 per 11.8-kg cylinder in various parts of the country on Monday. According to a press release, the spokesman of the companies Fasih Ahmed said that this is significant reduction in wholesale prices to facilitate end-consumers of LPG across Pakistan. "We will continue to work with our distributors to ensure that the benefit from this substantial price decrease reaches end-consumers and helps revive demand for product," he added. With the latest price reduction, he said, LPG wholesale prices have dropped by Rs 190 per 11.8kg cylinder since September 8th. Demand for LPG is unusually low for this time of the year, he said. "We will continue to monitor the situation and ensure, as far as we can, the viability of LPG in comparison with other competing fuels," he said. Lub Gas and Mehran LPG represent the largest LPG marketing set up in Pakistan. The companies have reduced the wholesale price of an 11.8kg cylinder from Rs 685 to Rs 660 in Karachi; from Rs 700 to Rs 655 in Hyderabad; from Rs 715 to Rs 690 in the Punjab; from Rs 715 to Rs 690 in Dakhni; and from Rs 720 to Rs 700 in NWFP, FATA and the Northern Areas.