ISLAMABAD - Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan underwent a successful lower back surgery at Kahuta Research Laboratories Hospital Thursday. According to sources, Dr Khan suffered an acute backache Wednesday that caused weakness in his legs and feet, hindering physical movement. He was rushed to the Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL) Hospital. Doctors diagnosed Dr Khan with prolapsed disc of the lumbar spine, a medical abnormality caused by dislocation or bulging out of a vital lower back disc connected with the spinal cord thus causing unbearable pain. A team, led by noted neurosurgeon Prof Dr Khaleequz Zaman decided to carry out his lower back surgery to bring the dislocated disc back to its original position. The three-hour surgery was conducted in the early hours of Thursday. Reportedly, Dr Khan was taken home. A doctor said on the condition of anonymity that the nuclear scientist was successfully treated and he would visit the KRL hospital for follow-up treatment only. Reportedly, Dr Khans wife and daughters accompanied him in the hospital. On Wednesday, the rumours that Dr Khan had an emergency surgery were aired, which his family denied. One of the Khans family members said by phone that he was taking rest and his operation remained successful. He is better now. Doctors advised complete bed-rest. He will be able to walk in few days, the family member said, denying that Dr Khan had an emergency surgery a day earlier. It was backache that needed to be treated. Nothing is serious now.