OTTAWA - Hundreds of sea containers stuffed with military gear that were supposed to be returning to Canada are instead languishing at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan because of Pakistans decision to close its border to NATO, a military spokesman said Wednesday. Lt.-Cmdr. John Nethercott said the border closure isnt expected to affect the militarys imminent withdrawal from Kandahar, though he acknowledged there could be complications if Pakistan doesnt reopen its borders soon. Were assessing the situation, he said. At this point, theres no impact on our withdrawal of personnel and no immediate impact on our efforts to repatriate equipment back to Canada by land and sea. About 1,200 troops are in Kandahar packing up for the imminent end of Canadas military presence after six years in the southern Afghan province. They have until the end of the year to wrap up their work. High-priority and sensitive equipment is being shipped out by air, while the rest was to be sent by convoy across the Afghan-Pakistan border and down the 1,600-kilometre route to the Indian Ocean for transport by sea. Nethercott said there are containers already gathered at a port in Pakistan, where they were waiting to be loaded onto a ship once the remainder arrived.