KARACHI CNG stations owners have started violating the governments decision regarding closure of CNG stations for 48 hours as they have started filling gas on their own in different parts of the metropolis. All Pakistan CNG Dealers Association demands of the government to take back the decision of closure of CNG stations for 48 hours otherwise it (association) will go on strike for an indefinite period. This was stated by Gayyas Paracha, Chairman All Pakistan CNG Dealers Association, while addressing a protest in front of the Karachi Press Club. Later, the protestors marched towards the head office of SSGC. Meanwhile, the SSGC, while taking notice of this situation, have agreed to resolve the issue and have called the dealers for negotiation. After that, Gayyas Paracha told The Nation gas company official has initially accepted their demand of opening the CNG stations. Representatives also demanded the SSGC to treat all the concerns equally to resolve the issue. The entire problem will be discussed in the meeting arranged by the SSGC, he added. On the other side, closure of CNG filling stations has drastically affected the lives of Karachiites. On the second consecutive day of official closure of CNG pumps, thousands of people suffered a lot. Meanwhile, there was some public transport on the roads of the city and they demanded high fares from the public. People said that today a common man is suffering a lot due to governments policies. Everyday we are a facing a new problem because of government who has no solution for the problems, a youngster said. A passenger said that transporters do not miss any chance of over charging. Others said the government should take action against the transporters charging extra.