QUETTA JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehaman has said that Pakistan should end its strategic partnership with the United States and take bold decisions to uphold national integrity. Addressing a press conference Thursday, he condemned the Nato attack in Mohmand Agency, saying the martyrdom of soldiers was a serious issue. He welcomed the governments decision to halt Nato supply, ask the US to vacate the Shamsi airbase and boycott the Bonn conference, averring that these decisions should be on permanent basis. Apparently, the decisions are temporary. If the decisions are temporary, these will not bear the fruit, Fazl added. The JUI-F chief said, We must adopt a foreign policy that could help improve our relations with neighbouring states as well as other countries. He said there were numerous less-developed countries, which were not accepting the pressure and slavery of US and other imperialist forces. This is high time for us to take decisions for standing on our own feet. Pakistan is rich in natural resources and its people have courage to face any difficulty, he added. To a query, he said that no doubt Pakistan was under the burden of heavy debts, but the people must take the decision as to how they can get rid of these exploiters and imperialist forces. We must get rid of slavery. Those people who have their assets in other countries cannot be the well-wishers of the country. They are more concerned about their assets abroad than miseries of people, he added. The JUI-F leader said the Parliament and other institutions of country should sit together for evolving policies that could protect the dignity of the country. About Balochistan, he said his party had always raised the issue and supported dialogue to solve the issues. He said the use of forces should be stopped in Balochistan and all the problems should be resolved through dialogue. He said attending the Bonn conference was tantamount to supporting the priorities of other countries, including America.