ISLAMABAD-Despite court order and refusal from the Law Division, money starved ruling coalition govt is desperate to further jack up power prices as Minister for Water and Power Syed Naveed Qamar has called a special meeting on Friday (today) to find a way of imposing four per cent raise in per unit electricity rates. Sources privy to the development informed The Nation that Syed Naveed Qamar has called a special meeting to resolve the much debated issue of giving hike of four per cent in per unit electricity rates which the Law Division has so far turned down as and when sought by Water and Power Ministry after the Lahore High Courts May 6 stay order given for LESCO and MEPCO region against the imposition of two per cent hike in power prices. Secretaries of the Ministry of Power, Finance, and Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs are expected to attend this meeting after the repeated and persistent pressure from international donors particularly the IMF on the beleaguered government, sources said, adding, that this meeting would mull on suitable measures and ways of imposing four per cent equalisation surcharge in per unit of electricity rates. The Law Division while taking it a contempt of court has earlier turned down the proposal sent by the Power Ministry seeking six per cent surge in the rates of per unit electricity and resolved that before the LHC decision no surcharge could be imposed and further surge in power prices will be taken as contempt of court. It is relevant to note that the Law Division has so far sent back two summaries seeking six per cent hike to the Water and Power Ministry on the said grounds. High-ups of both the Power Ministry and the Ministry of Finance are too desperate to impose it in a bid to rub further salt to the injuries of hard-pressed power consumers. It is worth mentioning that both Ministries are all out to get approval on surge in per unit electricity rates either from the Prime Minister or from the Federal Cabinet while giving exemption to LESCO and MEPCO regions. Top officials of Power Ministry have left no stone unturned to give a further boost to power prices in a bid to impose four per cent increase in power prices from current month. Additionally, Ministry of Water and Power and Law Division remained at loggerheads over the imposition of six per cent surcharge in power tariffs as the latter found unwilling to improve it and has counted it a contempt of court. Upon this, the Power Ministry has faced difficulties and also remained in a fix in this regard.