ISLAMABAD (INP) The government has decided to call the joint session of parliament on the December 12 in which recommendations of the National Security Committee would be presented to take the peoples representatives into confidence on the issue of national security and sovereignty after the NATO attack. This was told by Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and PPP chief whip Syed Khursheed Shah on Thursday, who said that the government would brief the parliament on the difficult decisions taken after the NATO attacks. He said the cabinet during its meeting in Lahore had proposed the summoning of parliament session on December 1, but now it has been decided that the session would be called on 12th so that the Parliamentary Committee on National Security under Mian Raza Rabbani could prepare its recommendations before the session. He pointed out that Senator Raza Rabbani is a neutral personality and respected by all the parliamentary parties. He said that was why the government handed over the investigation of most important issue of Memogate scandal to the National Security Committee. Khursheed said the government took very difficult decisions after the Nato attack including closure of Shamsi air base and Nato supply route as well as demanded an apology by America and Nato. The minister said that the government would ensure the security and sovereignty of the country at all cost and there would be no compromise on it.