Hundreds of people staged a protest in Kabul against the second Bonn conference and a proposed strategic agreement with the US allowing foreign troops to remain in Afghanistan. More than 500 people, including women, marched on roads from the Sinam-i-Pamir area toward the Jada-i-Maiwand locality. The demonstration carried out under the aegis of the National Solidarity party lasted 1:30 hour. The protestors issued a resolution, asking foreign troops to leave Afghanistan. They also burnt US flags and chanted slogans against the US, the Afghan government, the traditional Loya Jirga and the strategic cooperation pact. They carried a symbolic coffin covered with white sheet with slogans related to "independence, freedom and national pride" written on it. Party leader Hafizullah Rasikh told Pajhwok Afghan News the second Boon conference would allow foreign troops to stay in Afghanistan. "Foreign troops did not provide us security over a decade, instead they prolonged the war," he said. He said the US had been trying to give a legal cover to its troops' presence in Afghanistan by sponsoring jirgas and holding conferences. Another protestor, Nilofar, said allowing the establishment of US military bases in Afghanistan was meant selling the homeland. She said Afghanistan needed a strong government which could prevent foreign interference and facilitate the withdrawal of foreign troops. She called the second Boon conference a gathering of undesirable Afghans and westerns to occupy Afghanistan.