I am a strong supporter of Imran Khan since many years and still believe he is the one who can lead this nation out of the prevailing mess in the best possible way. The whole nation honours his valuable contribution in health and education sectors. He has shown that one can do wonders with honesty and clear vision. However, I have few reservations about some of the recent PTI developments and want Imran Khan to respond to those in his next public gathering. He should be very careful in his future plans and should not be dragged into the power politics games at constituency level. PTI is popular because of Imran Khans principled stance on different national issues and his honest personality. He should not include the people who have a bad track record. There are some examples which show that PTI is welcoming such persons who are part of mafias and bigwigs. To me PTI should be a party of honest and educated politicians who have an urge to do something better for this nation. Having people like Zafar Iqbal Warraich, who is infamous for his part in the Lal Masjid mishap, Mr. Faiz Tamman, who had to resign due to his fake degree, and grandson of Pir Pagara, Syed Rashid Shah only shows that PTI is not going in the right direction. If Imran Khan has to take same families and clans and corrupt politicians in his party then he might end up in the dust bin of history. He should not bank on these already tried and dishonest politicians and trust that Pakistanis would vote for any new face who he thinks is honest and loyal to Pakistan. He has a chance now, the people of Pakistan are behind him but they are also watching PTIs each and every movement very carefully. A letter from Center for Human Rights Education has very rightly advised Imran Khan not to have his next public gathering on 25th December. I fully support the idea as it is a sacred occasion for the Christian community and PTI should respect their religious festivals. ABDUL RAUF, Fateh Jang, December 1.