TheNation of 01-12-2011 had an editorial titled Need for Kalabagh dam underlined. This contains a report of Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) stating that Kalabagh Dam ought to be considered as a priority water sector project. It is referred to a decision 50 years ago that every 10 years a dam of Tarbelas capacitybeconstructed but only two dams have been built since past 40 years. The world has built 45000 large dams while we have built only two dams although we have about 7 percent irrigated area of the world. The report of the world commission on the dams in 2000 stated that dams have to be built by mutual reconciliation between groups like upper and lower riparians. We in Pakistan while reconciling political interests have never tried reconciliation but have only stressed consensus which has evaded us so far. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, December 1.