ORAKZAI AGENCY - At least nine militants were killed when security forces targeted their hideouts with artillery guns in Upper Tehsil of Mamozi area here on Thursday. Sources said that security forces also destroyed three hideouts of militants in remote hilly areas of Mamozai where militants were launching attacks against security forces. The areas which were targeted during military raid include Satar Sum, Shaho Khail and Shanaori area where three hideouts of militants were destroyed. Large number of people are migrating to others safer places. The people of Mir Qalam Khail, Ado Khail, Torsimat, Akhunzadgan and Arghanjo and others areas are migrating to safer places of Hangu through different routes. Security forces have also launched search drive in the area and several suspected persons have been arrested in Argahnjo area of Orakzai agency. It is worth mentioning here that in the last 16 days of military action, security forces have claimed killing of 83 militants and injuring of 72 others while dozen of militant hideouts have been destroyed during military action.