ISLAMABAD (APP) - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Thursday said that there was no threat of either 'judicial or 'military coup as both the institutions were pro-democracy and did not want to derail the system. The Prime Minister was responding to the queries of callers from across the country in a live PTVs programme 'Prime Minister Online. To a question about the submission of reply by the Government, Army, and ISI to the Supreme Court in memo case, the Prime Minister said there will be one reply from the executive authority. Gilani in response to another question said Pakistans decision to boycott the Bonn Conference in protest against the NATO/ISAF attack and violation of its sovereignty was final and taken collectively. 'How we can attend the conference when our sovereignty came under attack, he remarked. The soil of Afghanistan was used against sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan, he added. Gilani said Pakistan can work with the United States, NATO and ISAF under a new agreement and by devising new rules of engagement. He said he will attend the meeting of the National Security Committee of Parliament on Friday and the members will be briefed on the NATO attack and other issues. The recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee will be put before joint session of the Parliament, he said. To a question about Russias reaction on the NATO attack, he said Russia is a sovereign country, which has its own bilateral relations and international commitments. Gilani said PPP government restored thousands of employees, who were sacked in 1996. 'I went to jail for giving jobs to the people and now we are holding Caravan Tameer to complete development projects and the government has already spent Rs. 1.5 trillion on schemes, which will create job opportunities, he added. He said Pakistan rendered huge sacrifices in war on terror, 35,000 of its people were killed and thousands of soldiers and law-enforcement personnel lost their lives which shows resolve and commitment of the country. To a question if he would be the contender for the slot of Prime Minister after the next elections, in the presence of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Gilani said he was not the contender but was given this responsibility by the party, adding, the PPP Chairman should become the Prime Minister and the whole party would be behind him. Gilani mentioned the restoration of 1973 Constitution, provincial autonomy and the 7th National Finance Commission (NFC) Award as major achievements of the government during the last over three and half years. He said Pakistan was an agricultural country where 60 to 70 per cent of people were dependent on it. Gilani said when they formed the government, there was shortage of wheat in the country but they increased its support price from 450 to 950 per 40 kg which brought prosperity. He said the government has now fixed wheat support price at 1050 per 40 kg for the current year which would support the agriculture community and also address the unemployment issue to a great extent. To a question about dialogue with the Taliban, he said Taliban should first denounce violence and then the government would be ready to talk to them to bring them into the mainstream. He said the World Trade Organisation was now fully supporting Pakistan, adding, India and Bangladesh were also supporting Pakistan in the WTO which would boost the economy. About electricity and gas loadshedding, the Prime Minister said, now there was no unscheduled electricity loadshedding in the country, adding, the months of December and January would be tough as more gas was being diverted to the industrial sector.