Our staff Reporter MUZAFFARGARH - The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has envisaged an ambitious plan to arrange free education for special children in schools where they will study side-by-side the normal students. The plan will be initiated as pilot project from Lahore and then will be extended to other districts of the province. It is expected that this social-interaction will help the normal students to understand and effectively deal with the special children. This was stated by Punjab Education Foundation Chairman Raja Anwar while addressing a press conference at Circuit House here the other day. He said that the PEF was going to make partnership with one thousand new schools under foundation assisted schools programme to further extend the opportunities of free education in the province. He added that about 30, 15000 students of 4400 schools in 36 districts are engaged in pre-quality assurance test for partnership with new schools and 25,000 students of 303 schools had taken part in pre-QAT in Muzaffargarh district. We have introduced child-friendly schooling in partner schools to develop the personality traits of the student, he said. He said that PEF has also introduced OMR technology for computerised papers checking. Expansion in the PEF programs show public trust and confidence on public private partnership model of the PEF which ensures quality education and grooming of the students as future leaders. Raja Anwar said that the PEF was committed to ensure free education in partner schools and no partner school was allowed to open or run tuition centres nor it can engage in any corporal punishment activity. He elaborated that the education was the basic right of every child and the PEF was committed to ensure that no one was left without it. Earlier, Raja Anwar inspected various schools where pre-QAT was held.