OUR STAFF REPORTER OKARA - A PML-N leader has alleged that the PTI chairman parted his ways with former president Musharraf when the former was not made prime minister of Pakistan, saying that PTI tsunami is nothing but a storm in a teacup. Imran Khan took benefits during the dictators tenure and also supported so-called referendum held by Pervez Musharraf, Manzoor Ahmad Advocate told the media at the Okara Muslim League House. Only self-centred workers are changing their loyalties and such people always join a favourable side. It is ridiculous to say that the PTI will bring change in collaboration with residual elements of Pervez Musharraf. Manzoor said the PML-N workers and office-bearers who faced Musharraf boldly are still with Nawaz Sharif. They are united because they consider that only their leader could steer the country out of crises. PTI Lawyers Forum President nomination: Prominent lawyer Malik Shafqat Hussain Gujar has been nominated as Tehreek-i-Insaf Lawyers Forum President here on Thursday. Meanwhile, members of Press Club included Summer Sultan, Raja Noor Ilahi Atif, Malik Ghulam Gilani and Shumsuddin congratulated Malik Shafqat Hussain Gujar on his nomination as PTI Lawyers Forum President.