LAHORE Lawyers, traders and journalists held Thursday a protest rally against NATO air strikes on Pakistan army posts in Mohmand Agency and urged the government and army to retaliate the killings of 24 soldiers. Interestingly, traders of Mall Road and Hall Road also attended the rally of legal fraternity in reversal of their stand against the rallies and processions on The Mall Road. Not only the traders greeted the lawyers rally at Reagle Chowk but also sprayed petals of flowers on rally despite to throw eggs on guests. It is pertinent to mention here that same traders had humiliated nurses for protesting on Mall Road and also thrown eggs on them besides torturing the nurses. Traders were of the view that the nurses protest on Mall Road was the violation of ban imposed by provincial authorities and Thursdays rally was for the sovereignty of country and in favor of Pakistan army. Members of Lahore Bar Association, High Court Bar Association, Supreme Court Bar Association, Punjab Bar Council and Pakistan Bar Council started rally from Aiwan-e-Adl under the lead of LBA president Shahzad Hassan Sheikh. The lawyers chanted slogans against NATO and America holding banners and placards in their hands. During their way on Mall Road, a number of traders welcomed them, showered petals and also garlanded the lawyers. The traders also played patriotic songs on loudspeakers. When the rally reached at Chairing Cross, members from media community also joined the lawyers. LBA president Sheikh said, addressing on the occasion, the people from different walks of live have joined hands to save the sovereignty of country. He said that lawyers had struggled for the betterment of the county and no one would be allowed to play with the independence of the country. LHCBA president Asghar Ali Gill urged Pak army to take revenge of its martyred troops to close NATO supply line permanently. Lawyers announced that a complete strike will be observed on Dec 11, the deadline given to US by Pakistan to give up the Shamsi airbase. Sarmad Bashir said condemned the NATO attacks and also the insensitive attitude of US government. He said the US called for investigation into the attacks, but it had not bothered to hold any investigation before waging war on Afghanistan and Iraq. Mall Road and Hall Road traders association presidents Naeem Mir and Babar Mehmood, and All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran Khalid Pervez also spoke on the occasion. The Punjab University also held a protest demonstrationat College of Art and Design, Old Campus. PU VC Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran led the protest gathering in which Principals College of Information Technology Prof Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar, College of Art & Design Prof Dr Rahat Naveed Masud, College of Pharmacy Prof Dr Syed Saeed-ul-Hassan, Hailey College of Banking and Finance Prof Dr Kh Amjad Saeed and Oriental College Prof Dr Mazhar Moeen and a large number of teachers, students and employees from these colleges participated. The participants were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the unprovoked and barbaric attack of Nato, tribute to the martyred, sympathy with the bereaved families and solidarity with the Pakistani armed forces. Addressing the participants, the VC said the blood of soldiers martyred in unprovoked attack of US and Nato forces would not go in vain. He said the fall of US would start when Pakistani people would become a strong wall against US aggression. He said the world was a battle-field and that nation prevailed who get themselves prepared, and we should do our work with hard work and dedication in this regard. The VC said knowledge was the headspring of power and first injunction was related to pen and knowledge. The government should promote education and make the universities real headsprings of education and research. He said we endorsed the steps of Pakistani government including suspension of Nato supply, taking back the control of Shamsi base and boycott of Bonn conference and expect that the recent anger of people would be given a permanent shape so that revenge of martyred could be taken. He said a group of international bankers was the enemy of Americans, Pakistanis and whole world and it aimed at occupying resources and making the world a slave but we would defeat these imperialistic forces. He said US army was the biggest terrorist in the world which had murdered hundreds of thousands innocent people in Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries but had not apologised so far. Now the US Congress was going to discuss such an authoritarian law under which US forces would have authority to arrest anybody in the world which they consider as terrorist and keep them in their custody for an indefinite period. Dr Mujahid Kamran said Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey could defeat the US. He said we stand united with Pakistan Army. He said India was our enemy, adding that RAW, CIA and Mossad had built a force to destroy Pakistan. The VC concluded his speech with a poem of Allama Iqbal Is Jahan Sy Aagy Aur Bhi Hain. Earlier Director Students Affairs Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry, in his speech, said protest rally of teachers, students and employees was the reflection of their feelings and 63 percent youth of the country had announced that no compromise would be made on countrys unity and sovereignty. He said Pakistan and Afghanistan would become graveyard for US. Another rally by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was held outside the American Consulate in the City on Thursday to protest against NATO air strike on two Pakistani check posts in Mohmand Agency. Secretary General PTI Punjab Dr Yasmeen Rashid led the demonstration largely attended by political activists. The participants were carrying PTI flags and placards and banners inscribed with writings against the US and NATO. Highly charged participants burnt effigy of NATO commander Gen Allen and chanted slogans against the US, NATO and rulers in Pakistan. The participants demanded the rulers to expel the US ambassador and come out of the so called war on terror. Addressing the participants, the PTI leaders said that the rulers have put the solidarity of the country at stake just for dollars. They said that the current rulers were big threat to the country and now it was time to get rid of these. They said that terrorism in the country could not be ended without expelling all the CIA operators. Meanwhile, the leader of a Chinese delegation during their meeting with Governor Latif Khosa said that the government and the people of China were deeply concerned and condemned the brutal Nato attack on innocent Pakistani soldiers. Ms. Ma Keqing, Ambassador and Executive Deputy Secretary of the CPC committee of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the loss of human lives was condemnable. She termed it a tragic loss. Ms Keqing reiterated her governments resolve to continue supporting Pakistans point of view on all issues, especially those relating to Pakistans integrity and sovereignty. The delegation also praised the hospitality of people of Pakistan and informed the governor that Chinese People had strong liking and respect for them. Speaking on the occasion, Governor Punjab said that Pakistan and China were enjoying complete trust and convergence of views on all bilateral, regional and international issues. He said the People of Pakistan had strong belief in the time-tested friendship of China, because it always helped and supported Pakistan in the time of crisis and natural calamities. Latif Khosa further stated that Pakistan had always shown its unequivocal and complete support for Chinas core interest including its stand on Tibet and Taiwan. Pakistans strategic partnership with China shall remain the cornerstone of Pakistans foreign policy, he added.