LAHORE Capital City Police Officer Ahmad Raza Tahir has directed the police to take extraordinary measures to ensure peace and law and order in the provincial metropolis on first Friday of the holy month of Muharramul Haram. He said any possible attempt of subversion and religious hatred could only be stopped with the mutual coordination and assistance of police and the people. The CCPO directed the police not to allow any unknown person from entering into mourning procession without due authentication. He said comprehensive checking of all Muharram mourners must be ensured with complete reverence in such a manner that no portion of the body left as unchecked, whereas full search and surveillance should be made of all caps, jackets and persons wearing coats. Ahmad Raza Tahir said single route of entry and exit of all Majalis and processions should be ensured, whereas a security zone, with the help of pipes and barriers located at least 20 to 25 feet away from the entrance place should be established through which no person should pass without thorough checking and where no person was left standing apart form the checking staff and the administration. The CCPO pointed out that all adjacent streets, roads and 'mohalas located at the place of Muharram processions ought to be completely sealed, whereas a security cordon ought to be established around processions so that no suspicious person can enter the procession. Ahmad Raza Tahir further said the local police ought to be informed about all new tenants in the adjacent areas, whereas search lights are setup at the rooftops of Majalis so that the adjoining areas remain well-lit and sufficient numbers of security officials are deputed at roofs. The CCPO also directed that before the commencement of Majalis and processions, all places ought to be thoroughly checked with special equipments and it is ensured that no unclaimed items or open manholes remain unchecked where there is possibility of any subversion. He directed complete search of women participants with due respect, with the help of women volunteers, while alternate light arrangements should also be made. The CCPO said mourners ought to be told not to bring any bag along with them and not to accept any meal offerings without proper verification. He directed parking of vehicles well away from the places of processions and Majalis, whereas all vehicles with tinted glasses and without number-plates must be reported to concerned police station.