OUR STAFF REPORTER OKARA - In different incidents of dacoity and theft, citizens were deprived of a car, tractor trolleys, gold ornaments and cash worth millions of rupees. The resident of Naseem Fatima Colony Okara, Mohamad Siddique, on his car (421/LEG) was going to Naimat Banaspati ghee Mills. When he reached near 2/4.L 5, armed car-riders snatched his car at gunpoint. The bandits threw the victim from out of his car in Wan Radha Raam district Kasur. In the second incident, a resident of Qila Sondha Singh was going with his potatoes loaded in a tractor-trolley. On his way, four armed dacoits accosted him at gunpoint and having tied him with ropes, they made off with his potatoes wort. In the third incident, Feroz parked his truck near Chak 29/2L and went into a hotel to take food. Unknown thieves took away 12 cotton garments and 8 cartons of TV from the truck. The 4th incident took place at the house of Mohammad Latif, a resident of grain market Basirpur. In the house, maid Sheedan allegedly stole gold ornaments and Rs1.1 million. In the fifth incident, Mohammad Amin and Mohammad Ashiq allegedly stole valuables worth Rs 108,000 from the shop of Azhar Mehmood. In the 6th incident, from the house of Hafiz Jehangir at Kherl Chawk, Shafqat Ali Ranjha and Riaz reportedly stole 3 rams worth Rs80,000. Likewise, in 18/1L where Malik Qasim, Javeed, Mohammad Arshad and Zulifqar stole 2 buffaloes of Rs200,000 value from the corral of one Abdur Razzaq.