It may be a coincidence that Mumbai attacks allegedly by Pakistani terrorists were also conducted on 26th Nov in 2008. Three years later two Pakistaniforward check posts in Muhmand Agency were attacked also on 26 Nov by two Nato gunship helicoptersoriginating from bases located in Afghanistan and killing 24 Pakistan army soldiers in cold blood.One can draw many inferences from this attack especially when the attackers came from Afghanistan where India has lot of influence (and the Afghan government is pro India). Perhaps, there was a conspiracy whereNato forces wereutilised to take a revenge on the 3rd anniversary of the Mumbai attacks. It issurprising that the attacking helicopters were in Pakistan territory for over two hours andvery conveniently fired salvos of bullets and rockets on the post making sure that they kill every one in the post. Where was the early warning system and ever vigilant PAF? Therefore, this incident must be investigated minutelyand itcould lead to involvementof Indiaas they are all out to createunrest in Pakistan. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, December 1.