For all those sceptics out there what is the alternative? Vote for the status quo? Or dont vote and wait for yet another military strongman? These two alternatives have been tested and retested and we know for sure that it hasnt worked. With Imran Khan at least we know that he is not as corrupt as the other two alternatives. They had their time more than once and the result had been a total disappointment. Lets think outside of the box and vote for a change. What could be the downside? That he will be a disappointment just like the others? For those who think he cant win, I say; shouldnt we make an effort and try? To those who say its a one man show, I say, wasnt Z.A. Bhutto a 'one man show as well? Bhuttos 'one man show was so powerful that people are still voting for the promises made by dead Bhutto. So my friends lets close our ranks and vote for Imran Khan. Its our opportunity to vote for a change. In order for IK to succeed hell have to organise many such rallies throughout Pakistan. Well need to carry this message to Karachi where people are still hanging in with Altaf Hussain who has abandoned Pakistan and is controlling the party through his telephone. Lets help him get elected in whatever way we can; through participation in his rallies, by donating money to his campaign, or by simply writing on blogs to inspire people. Yes we can JAMAL ALI BASHIR, Lahore, December 1.