BAHAWALNAGAR - A family’s sole breadwinner who met an accident while obeying a government official and became bedridden about 12 years ago, seeks financial help from the government or any philanthropist for his treatment in India.

Maqbool, a resident of 118/M Tehsil Chistian, was employed at a medical store at Murad Bridge about 12 years ago. While implementing the directives of a drug inspector on a bike though he did not know how to ride it, Maqbool fell into a ditch and received a spinal injury. Since then he has been confined to bed thereby throwing the whole family into the marsh of miseries.

Because of poverty, he could not get proper treatment. His parents sold all their belongings for his treatment. Now, the family members are facing starvation. Having been confined to bed for a long period, Maqbol is suffering from other diseases as well. His gave several applications for financial help to governmental officials and non-governmental bodies but to no avail. He is now 25 years of age and waiting for a saviour.

Senior physician Dr Muhammad Aslam said that his treatment can be carried out in India. Muhammad Afzal, a resident of 118/M, said that his miserable condition had exposed the tall claims of the government and philanthropic organisations as no one is ready to bear the expenses of his treatment.

Those willing to help the sole breadwinner can contact him at 0302-6985418.