The choice of Gen Raheel Sharif, who comes from a family of illustrious military officers, would restore high traditions of this vital state organization and help strengthen attachment of people with this glorious institution, whose brave sons have sacrificed their today, so that security and future of citizens of this country is more secure. Pakistan is our motherland and only those who have not abandoned it and chosen not to swear allegiance to any foreign nation, can be entrusted noble task to decide its future. The armed forces of this country must focus their energies only on training and be prepared to fight enemy if they dare to violate our geographical boundaries, and any insurgency from within financed by our known enemies. Like other civilized sovereign nations they have a constitutional and moral obligation to help constitutional government when called upon to do so.

Pakistan faces menace of terrorism from within its borders which must be put down ruthlessly, so that rule of law and supremacy of constitution is restored forthwith. As a nation we must understand that only if Pakistan prospers and strengthens, its economy booms, will this country and its borders, be secure. Pakistan can no longer afford to allow foreign militants, miscreants and extremists to enter this country unchecked and once and for all we must accept ground reality that the onus of defending our territorial integrity is sole responsibility of citizens of Pakistan who voluntarily join our armed forces and not any other militant group, which the Constitution forbids. Provision of housing to dependents of our martyrs is the only obligatory welfare responsibility of people of Pakistan, while undue involvement of this institution in commercial real estate development and their association with notorious land mafia tycoons has had its toll on this vital national institution. The priority for welfare housing projects must be focused for dependents of martyrs and those who suffer disability during course of active duty, instead of palatial villas and multiple plots for those who have performed duties for which they have been paid for.


Lahore, November 29.